Clens Cosmetics is a hygiene focused brand centred within the global cosmetics industry. Using science and modern technology to create new and disruptive products.

Focus on cleanliness and performance, fuelled by scientific research and engineering. 


Setting new levels of professionalism, performance and hygiene in the beauty industry



From skin care, makeup and tools, all the way to the science of bacteria and what's in products. Clens believes deeply that understanding the core of the topic is the best way to care for our health.

From understanding common and rare skin issues to remove stigma to taking the jargon out of ingredients in your everyday cosmetic essentials. Plus, tips and tricks for how best to use products, and incorporate into your routine. 

At Clens Cosmetics we believe that information is the key to understanding how our bodies work and what they need. We want to empower you to make the best choices for your skincare and cosmetic needs.



Central Research Hardware Accelerator Cohort 2019

Winner of Santander CEO Scholarship 2019

Winner of Santander Business Acceleration Grant 2019

Winner of Brunel Design Network Award 2021

Winner Co-Innovate 'Can you Pitch it?' 2021

Innovate UK Edge - Newable Support Program 2022

Better Futures+ Program 2022

University of Cambridge Women in Sustainability Innovation Accelerator 2022

Winner of Intellectual Property Office IP Audit Grant 2022

Winner Catapult RTO Grant 2022

Santander X UK Awards Program 2022

Innovate UK Young Innovators award 2022/2023

Intellectual Property Office IP Access Grant 2023


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