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Setting new levels of professionalism, performance and hygiene in the beauty industry




Through our research we have discovered issues with microorganism growth within makeup brushes and cosmetics. 

One of the main issues is that users do not follow recommended cleansing routines. This is due to the drying time and effort required to properly clean traditional makeup brushes and cosmetics. This is compounded by a lack of education and understanding amongst users.​

Clens Cosmetics  system is being developed to cleanse makeup brushes and cosmetics, reducing the drying time and microorganism growth issues.


Clens Cosmetics was founded by a passionate Brunel University London, 
Industrial Design graduate, using modern engineering techniques to model a cutting edge product system. Combined with biotechnology based testing to validate that are currently being finalised for market.

Clens created solutions by closely listening to potential clientele and industry experts to understand their needs. Creating a product system that is truly innovative is only the beginning. ​




Smart, clean and safe 




Our skins' natural flora has a spectrum of microorganisms on the surface, some can be deadly: Beta-lactam antibiotic resistant strain MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) can cause serious ongoing health issues.

Tools come into close contact with eyes, nose and mouth, cross-infection from Covid-19, Staphylococcus aureus, Herpes simplex, Pseudomonas aeruginosa etc. causing severe infections that are antibiotic resistant or viral.

Risks of cross-contamination between clients or from client to makeup artist - transmission of harmful microorganisms disrupt natural skin flora, can be devastating to health - even cause irreversible damage.




Improved hygiene and sustainability




Single use plastic and disposable applicators are a big problem in the beauty industry. 

Large Quantities cannot be recycled or reused because of their design, addititves, construction and insufficient ability to seperate components.

Makeup Artists(MUAs) must dispose of single-use applicators to prevent cross contamination. 

An estimated 550,000 MUAs in the UK industry, translates to 5,720,000kg plastic/annum sent to landfill from disposable applicators alone.

Add PPE and the figure is vastly higher, estimated 45,925,000kgs.

Clens aims to minimise disposable waste, landfill and water contamination. 




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Central Research Hardware Accelerator Cohort 2019

Winner of Santander CEO Scholarship 2019

Winner of Santander Business Acceleration Grant 2019

Winner of Brunel Design Network Award 2021

Winner Co-Innovate 'Can you Pitch it?' 2021

Innovate UK Edge - Newable Support Program 2022

Better Futures+ Program 2022

University of Cambridge Women in Sustainability Innovation Accelerator 2022

Winner of Intellectual Property Office IP Audit Grant 2022

Winner Catapult RTO Grant 2022

Santander X UK Awards Program 2022

Innovate UK Young Innovators Award 2022/2023

Intellectual Property Office IP Access Grant 2023

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